The Window Cleaning System

We can and do clean using the traditional method. However the purified reach and wash system is now the safest method to use.


With the new Working at Height Regulations in place to find a more suitable method than the use of ladders, the reach and wash system has revolutionised the way window cleaners work.


We can now reach areas traditional methods could not. As well as being very safe, the end results are also fantastic.


Included in our prices are the cleaning of all windows, frames, sills, front and back doors, and conservatory windows if specified (conservatory roofs and fascia's can all be cleaned at an additional cost).


The reach and wash system has the following benefits over the traditional method:


  • Safer, as no ladders are required.
  • Can clean higher windows.
  • The window frames are cleaned at the same time as the windows.
  • Can reach previously inaccessible windows. For example windows above conservatories.






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